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Capt Jeff Maggio sits down with Terry Gibson from the American Water Security Project

Terry Gibson was raised in West Palm Beach by avid sportsmen. He grew up a block from the Lake Worth Lagoon, which was ecologically collapsed due mostly to sewage pollution. An avid surfer, Terry frequently suffered eye, ear, and throat infections caused by fecal bacteria in the Palm Beach County surf zone. When he became a rookie editor at Surfer Magazine, Terry became seriously ill due to sewage seepage into the California coastal waters after surfing near Surfer HQ. This spurred him to work with the Surfrider Foundation to help pass the BEACH Act, which provides the EPA with funding for grants to state and local agencies for fecal bacteria monitoring and warnings along beaches.

In 2008, as an editor at Florida Sportsman Magazine, Terry spearheaded legislation that aimed to require the closure of sewage outfalls off SE Florida. To date, two outfalls have been closed. Terry has also fought to upgrade sewage infrastructure along the Indian River Lagoon, which is collapsing in large part due to sewage pollution.

Terry is married to Teresa Lynn Gibson. They have a two-year-old son, William Wallace, and three bird dogs, Kuno, Cody, and Jenny. The family lives one block from the Indian River Lagoon.