AWSP Forges National Identity

The American Water Security Project strives to be the leader in promoting, through education and advocacy, the need for sewage and wastewater infrastructure upgrades and repairs, ethical treatment and pretreatment of used water and human waste, and the protection of the nation’s drinking waters and waterbodies from human-borne wastewater pathogens and nutrients. We are committed to these efforts so future Americans may live, work, and pursue life, liberty, and happiness with clean drinking water in healthy environments.

American Water Security Project 

  • American Water Security Project is a coalition of business leaders, scientists, engineers, policy experts, outdoor enthusiasts, conservation advocates, and thought leaders working to promote the urgent need for wastewater infrastructure upgrades to protect waters and waterbodies around the country.
  • American Water Security Project works with affiliated organizations to influence the adoption of sustainable wastewater management practices and infrastructure investment in municipalities. 
  • American Water Security Project provides water- and tourism-related businesses information regarding the negative effects of wastewater spills and dumps on their bottom line.
  • American Water Security Project communicates and promotes the social and ecological values of proper wastewater treatment.

Education and Advocacy (promoting sustainable wastewater infrastructure)

  • American Water Security Project focuses on educating citizens, local leaders, and policymakers on the threats of inadequate wastewater treatment and the effects on our health, industries, and drinking water supply. 
  • American Water Security Project works to educate citizens and provide them with advocacy tools to create the political will to address the nation’s inadequate wastewater treatment infrastructure. 
  • American Water Security Project educates and empowers citizens to engage in their municipalities’ water treatment infrastructure plans.

Wastewater Infrastructure 

  • American Water Security Project advocates for investing in wastewater treatment plants and sustainable sewage infrastructure to protect the nation’s water resources. 
  • American Water Security Project provides oversight on communities that are under EPA consent orders to improve their wastewater infrastructure. 

Clean Drinking Water, Waterbodies, & Healthy Environment

  • American Water Security Project advocates for lasting solutions to address wastewater-related issues through local, state, and federal appropriations and policy initiatives. 
  • American Water Security Project advocates for ample, dedicated funding sources for infrastructure upgrades. 
  • American Water Security Project calls for the use of stricter water treatment regulations to reduce the nutrient pollution and human-borne pathogenic material in treated and untreated waters. 
  • Recognizing that wastewater nutrients are primary culprits in harmful algal blooms and aquatic dead zones, American Water Security Project advocates for treatment levels that reduce nutrient loads to the ambient levels found in unpolluted ecosystems.